My name is Ken Williams, I live in Cheyenne , Wyoming. I grew up in Utah and most of my family still resides there.

I have always loved animals, especially dogs. I had a pug mix several years ago, this is what began my love for the PUG breed. I began my breeding journey in 2017 with the purchase of my first pug , that I named Gizmo. He was a pet, and he was a wonderful addition to our family. I had a special bond with him, he was known for his loud snoring when he slept. I lost him at a young age, and we are not sure why he died suddenly.  I felt extreme grief with the loss of Gizmo, I could not stay "pugless". I reached out to a few top breeders overseas to obtain another pug that I could bring to work with me, while I took care of clients with dementia. If  you see a photo of a pug , a great dane and a stuffed pink duck, you have seen my special pug named Gizmo.

Misha was the first pug we imported from the El-Fayum kennel in Ukraine. Kandy, and Brista came from the same breeder, and we could not be happier with our pug gang.

Pugs are a fun breed to have, they are always happy and excited to see you anytime of the day or night. Pugs typically adapt easily to new environments and people. Pugs can have eye problems so special attention is needed by their owners to keep their eyes clean and daily eye lubricant application helps prevent some of the eye problems the breed can be prone to.

If you want a quality bred pug from a breeder that strives to maintain breed standard, with health screenings to ensure long lifespans for the next generation, look no further.

Feel free to look through the web page, familiarize yourself with the process to obtain a puppy from our special pug gang.

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