Thanks for stopping by , so maybe you are considering adding a pug to your home.

Pugs are a wonderful breed, they do need special attention when it comes to their breathing ,eyes, skin and fur care. Since they are typically considered a "double coated breed", they will need routine bathing and brushing, to keep the coat free of dead hair build up. They have folds throughout their body, as well as their face. They need their folds cleansed routinely, weekly or more often.

Pugs are known for their flat faces and big eyes, special attention and care must be taken to keep their eyes clean a daily application of eye lubricant, will help decrease the chances of chronic eye and vision problems. We use an over the counter product called "Refresh", this lubricates the eyes and prevents dryness and irritation in the eyes. It is always a good idea to know the health history of your pug, including any health testing the pugs parents have had. The PDE is a test that can be preformed on pugs to see if the carry or can develop a debilitating neurological condition that can decrease the lifespans in pugs.

Pugs can have patella sublaxation or poor knee joint conformation, what this means is, the knee cap moves loosely in the joint space or can " pop out of place". A vet can do a simple physical exam to check for this problem, and x ray of the joint can confirm this diagnosis.

Keep in mind that you may see other pug pups that have different markings or variance of colors. We do breed only fawn and black colors families. This is what is accepted in the conformation ring, and we so adhere to the pug breed standard to preserve this breeds' standard..


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